Anyone up for a FREE train ride and boardgames

Looking for a game in your area? Post games you are looking for, or games you are looking to include others in.
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Anyone up for a FREE train ride and boardgames

Post by MooseHead » Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:53 pm

ImageV/Line is offering free travel across its network From January 23rd thru January 31st.

So lets put it out there, bizarre though it seems.

Board games on a train, maybe train games on a train, planned as a return journey on the same day.
Melbourne -> Wodonga : 3½ hrs - 4hrs (2hrs in Wodonga before return trip) (30th) (31st)
Melbourne -> Ballarat : 1½ hrs (40mins to 1:20 before return trip) (30th) (31st)

Longer journeys will work best and games would need to be complete by the time you reach the other end.

V/Line Link : Free Travel info
Parking Offer: Secure Parking $4 Night and Weekends booked online

I am suggesting maybe Saturday January 30th or Sunday January 31st.

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