Sails of Glory - Looking for another buyer

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Sails of Glory - Looking for another buyer

Postby Foozle » Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:22 pm

I'm currently in for $540 (including shipping) for two copies of everything in the Kickstarter (Commodore -early bird). Naturally I'm looking for another person to go in with me so the final cost for one (1) set is $270. Have a look at <> and if you are interested please drop me a note soon.
At present the $270 gets
The Base Game - rules, templates and 4 ships
The KS Ships - 4 more ships
The First Release wave of ships - 8 more ships
which comes to 8 British and 8 French ships in total - enough for a decent small battle
The stretch goals they have reached already added (without extra cost at this KS level):
Wood cut Attitude Marker and Range Ruler (nice but not essential)
Player Mat (not essential but definitely will be beautiful if it is like the Wings of Glory Mats that have recently arrived at MilSims)
Terrain Pack #1 of Islands and Sand Bars to put on the Player Mat (should continue to look gorgeous - hopefully)
Captain and Crew Ability Deck (which adds extra options to what the ships can do)
All of this would be fluff if it wasn't for the fact that the game play is looking exceptionally good (check out the videos of the rules explanations for basic movement and firing/damage).
All the best, David F..

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