Can we really let this go uncelebrated?

Billabong Boardgamers meet every Tuesday at Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre in Chadstone.
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Can we really let this go uncelebrated?

Post by Unhalfbricking » Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:56 am

Billabong reaches its 15th birthday this April. April 1997 was our frist meeting according to Alan Stewart. This must make it one of the oldest formal Eurogames groups still in continual existence.

There were 6 of us, Doug, Janet, David, Alan, Donna & myself for a good 6 months before we expanded.

I'd like to at least get a day organised soon & invite all past & present, regular & occasional attendees to come & celebrate, playing the games available to us in April 1997. Of course the main event would have to be Bohnanza, the game played at least every week for the first couple of months after someone (Doug? David?) obtained it.

Any positive or negative reactions?

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Re: Can we really let this go uncelebrated?

Post by MooseHead » Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:08 am

Sounds good and if doing April, time may be running out, especially if whole day. Anzac Day falls as a Wednesday this year, or are you suggesting weekend timing ?

Do you want to augment it as a big party / dinner, in boardgaming style everyone can bring something ?

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