Chemical Spill: the chemistry card game.

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Chemical Spill: the chemistry card game.

Post by jgoudie » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:35 pm

Hi all,

Just wanted to share my new kickstarter campaign for the game: Chemical Spill: the chemistry based card game.

It is already over 70% funded and has 19 days left. Here is a how to play and the funding levels:

How to play:

Chemicals are spilled and each player gets 10 cards each. They are allowed to 'cleanup' one card before the rest are washed to the next player for the next round. Each round players select one card from the cards passed to them and continue to pass until all cards are chosen.

Players use the elements they have chosen to create molecules. Different molecules score different amounts of points (as seen on the scoring cards). Any elements that have not been made into molecules cost you points!

One round is all that is needed to learn how to play, once the first round has been completed people will be begging to play more.

$2 - Thanks
$14 - Early bird: 1 deck (limited to 40) - 5 left at time of writing.
$18 - 1 deck normal
$40 - 1 personalised deck
$50 - 3 decks - classroom level
$110 - 3 personalised decks
$150 - 10 decks for the whole school!
$600 - 50 cards available for distribution ... y-card-gam

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