Northern Suburbs Euro Gamers 28/10 - Halloween!

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Northern Suburbs Euro Gamers 28/10 - Halloween!

Post by westgarthworldwide » Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:55 pm

Northern Suburbs Euro Gamers present:

The Halloween Scary Boardgame Spectacular!

Where?: Bar Nancy, 61 High Street in Northcote (directly adjacent the #86 tram stop on the corner of Westgarth Street). It is also within easy walking distance of Merri station, Westgarth station and the #250/#251 bus route.

When?: Sunday 28th of October. Starting at a leisurely 3pm, we will be able to play until late.... (1 am or thereabouts, if people have the stamina).

Cost?: A $3 donation is requested towards the venue hire cost. If you don't have it, don't sweat it - we would rather have as many players as possible.

We play:

Ameritrash Games
Euro games
Party Games
Roleplaying Games
War Games

We will be playing in 'The Good Room' upstairs which we have the use of exclusively. For those unable to use the stairs, games can be set up in The Salon Room downstairs with minimal fuss.

As this is the last Sunday before Halloween, feel free to bring some horror-themed games. Anything with zombies, headless horsemen or man-eating giant plants is recommended.

Car Parking: The best car parking is usually available along Westgarth Street, or in Pearl Street.

Bar Nancy is, not surprisingly, a bar and offers a full range of alcoholic beverages - beers, wines, ciders and cocktails as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks. They also have a kitchen open all day serving mainly tapas and we strongly encourage you to patronize them. That said, there is a hot bread shop/cafe, fish and chip shop, Nando's and cafes all within a minute's walk if you prefer something else.

Please register your interest if you plan on coming, and feel free to mention what games you are bringing and/or would like to play. I will be bringing Alhambra, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, Cleopatra's Caboose, Guillotine, Miskatonic School For Girls, Red November and Rattus.

For any queries contact Ben on 0424968541 or
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