The new venue!!! (?)

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The new venue!!! (?)

Post by westgarthworldwide » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:45 pm

OK, after a great deal of research I have a new potential meeting place. It right on High Street in Northcote, close to public transport, serves alcoholic drinks and is open late!

The venue I have in mind is Bar Nancy at 61 High Street in Northcote (right next to the tram stop on the corner of Westgarth Street). It is also close to Westgarth Station and the buses in Westgarth street.

The main disadvantage is that presently they don't open until 3pm on a Sunday. The manager said she might be able to open a little earlier (presumably if we had a few paying customers) but at this stage it doesn't seem necessary. There is also a function room upstairs that we can start using when we have 25+ people attending.

I am envisaging the games being played in the back room/gallery, which has 4 booth-tables of a reasonable size. There are plenty of other spots as well.

It is reasonably wheelchair-accessible. There is one step at the front door, I forgot to check the toilets but I think one has a ramp, otherwise there are a couple of steps to overcome.

If we want to start meeting here, I am thinking the second and fourth Sundays in October - unless people want to cut back to once a month?

Opinions and feedback please!
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