Trouble in the land

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Trouble in the land

Post by westgarthworldwide » Thu May 03, 2012 1:30 am

I have gone down and spoken to the community house volunteers in person and at present it seems the situation is:

Someone else is booked into the hall (large and small) on the 2nd Sunday this month;
They don't know if these bookings are recurring ones or a one-off;
They don't know anything about our pre-existing booking which was put into their computer last year

I am going to meet with them again soon and hopefully we will sort something out. It seems likely that the meeting on the 13th may not go ahead but the Oldis Gardens house (where we had the first meeting) may be available.

Also, I have recently started a new job and it sometimes involves working on a Sunday, so someone else may need to open up at some point.

Stay posted for more excitement to come!
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