The Joys Of Autumn

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The Joys Of Autumn

Post by westgarthworldwide » Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:00 am

Here is the latest email exchange between myself and the Jika Jika staff who are back from holiday.

Hello Liz

I have been keeping track of how many attendees we have had and collecting the fees from them, I can collate this information with a few days notice. As you never provided the sign-in sheets that you stated you would I have had to make notes on an ad-hoc basis.

We are well aware of the choir that meets at 6, we have found it no problem to pack up while they set up shortly before 6 O'Clock.

I don't know anything about this 'note on our booking form', I assume it was left by someone after we had made our booking and had it confirmed by you. We did discuss (at the time) your request that we renegotiate our booking less than 2 months after making the booking and only 1 meeting but we were not impressed to do so. As there seems to be so much dishonesty coming from your office (telling me it was all approved by the JJCC Committee, then telling me it had never been before them) we have considered going to the Department of Consumer Affairs about this. Your center can be fined over a million dollars for deceptive conduct of this sort

You must not make false or misleading representations
about the supply or possible supply of goods or services.

$1.1 million (body corporate), $220,000 (person) see section 224(3)

Offering a customer a low price for a service, having them sign a contract (the booking form) and then trying to impose higher prices because you think you can get away with it is considered unconscionable conduct under the legislation. I strongly advise you to take legal advice on this matter as I would hate for it to end up in VCAT unnecessarily.

While you claim that you could be hiring the large hall out for $50 an hour to some corporate sponsor or government body, this is pure speculation of the broadest sort. I recall that one of the reasons you gave us the booking last year was that you had no-one to take that slot and were keen to fill it rather than leave the hall vacant for Sunday afternoon. I am also curious what the "Government/Large Business Rate" is for use of the center as it did not appear on the rates sheet I obtained from your office last year. Has it ever been used?

$25 an hour for 7 hours is $175 per meeting - an absurd amount for a social gathering of low income earners and pensioners such as ours. I can discuss the matter with the members again now that some time has passed, but I am unsure what the response will be. It might be to erect a banner to put up at the Center - "Jika Jika - Millionaire's Community Center - Low Incomes Not Welcome".

Thank you for informing me of the maintenance dates. I think it is better not to reschedule those dates, as it includes Easter. Also, last meeting someone had left a couch in the hallway which blocked wheelchair access to the toilets. Could you please see that this doesn't happen again?


Ben Frayle

On 1 March 2012 12:27, Liz at JikaJika <> wrote:

Hi there Ben,

There have been a few bugs in my booking process this year, and I’ll need your help to confirm/adjust your bookings for the first half of this year. I’ve attached a copy of our booking form for Jan-June 2012,please fill it in and return it to me as soon as is practical.

I currently only have on file a booking form from last year with dates for this year on the back - and I need to update the information.

I currently have the following dates on file:

Jan 8 & 22

Feb 12 & 26

Mar 11 & 25 (The 25th is no longer available due to maintenance)

April 8 & 22 (both of these dates have also been appropriated for building maintenance purposes)

May 13 & 27

June 10 & 24

The 3 dates that are no longer available may be adjusted; the Sunday either side of those particular dates are available instead. Please let me know if you would like to change or cancel those bookings. Also if you have not used any of the previous bookings, please let me know so that I can make the appropriate changes to our booking sheet.

The hours requested are from 11am-6pm

(Just to let you know we have a regular booking on Sundays that begins at 6pm, so technically you’ll need to be out of the building by that time. I would suggest that you adjust your booking form to 11am – 5.30pm (we will not be booking anyone between your booking and the other)

The fee as of last year was $2 per person prior to October, $3 per person post October. I have a note on your booking form that says that if your booking is over 2 hours you will be required to pay the regular hall hire fee ($25 per hour). At this stage I have no record of you having paid us any fees at all. If you have made a direct debit payment it may not have had an easily traceable reference attached to it. Please let me know if any payments have been made if this is the case.

I understand that you are a community group, and that the nature of your group is a social one. I would recommend (as I believe I have done in the last email I sent you) that your group discusses the option of offering us a flat fee for the use of the Large Hall. Jika Jika will consider any reasonable offer. The Office Co-ordinator has let me know that a booking of the length of yours at such a small rate, on a day where we could be hiring the hall out at as much as $50 an hour is not a sustainable one. Of course, we are not asking your group to pay the Government/Large Business Rate, but the regular rate of $25 per hour (which is the rate for Unfunded Unstaffed Community Groups) is the rate we would normally be charging for a social group such as yours.

I’m giving you all of this information as I would like to support the continuation of your group at our centre.

If you have any queries, please feel free to call me on 9482 5100 or contact via email.

I have requested that the invoice is not sent to your group today, to allow you time to reply to this email.

Kind regards,


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Re: The Joys Of Autumn

Post by christianmoura » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:21 am

Did you get a reply to your letter?

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Re: The Joys Of Autumn

Post by westgarthworldwide » Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:32 pm

Yesterday one of the community centers rang me who sounded like he was stoned. He was claiming that it wasn't a problem about the money but the length of our booking means he has to turn away parents wanting to hold children's parties on the Sunday afternoon. He seemed to accept that we do actually have the booking but he wants to cut it down to 2-3 hours, which I explained would be pointless. I asked him to send me something in writing and he accused me of swearing at him (?) but seemed to accept that he was mistaken. I am now awaiting a letter if they can get it together enough to write one.

The 2 dates in April are pre-empted by maintenance work (and Easter) so we may have to move elsewhere in May - but I'm not predicting anything definite.
Power tends to isolate those who hold too much of it. Eventually, they lose touch with reality... and fall.

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