Theme days for 2012

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Theme days for 2012

Post by westgarthworldwide » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:30 pm

We had a good suggestion at the last meeting - hold 'themed' days next year. We would choose/appoint/democratically determine a theme and then there would be an emphasis on games with that theme. Costumes would be optional*

Some of the themes mentioned or omnipresent are:

Egypt (Ra, Igypti, Cleopatra and the soc. of architects etc.)
Space (Eminent Domain, Galaxy Truckers, Race For The Galaxy etc.)
Railways (Ticket To Ride, Chicago Express etc.)
New World (Puerto Rico, Cuba, San Juan etc.)
Renaissance (Genoa, Princes of Florence, Hansa Teutonica etc.)
Ancients (7 Wonders, Glory Of Rome, Vinci, Antike etc.)
Agriculture (Agricola, Bohnanza, Agricola etc.)

As we have 2 meetings per month next year, if there is sufficient interest we could perhaps have 1 of those as a themed event.
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