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Session report 3/09/2011

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:30 am
by gerald
An impromptu session at Chateau Carlos, with Carlos and Gerald, who will be speaking of himself in the 3rd person.

First, Power Grid in China. The small power plant market (only 1 plant available per turn during most of the game) makes this map work better for 2p than others. Carlos started strongly, snatching more power plants than Gerald, and staying one city ahead, allowing him to accumulate more money. Gerald surged just before step 2 and blocked a few cities from Carlos' grasp, but then couldn't power all of them. The last couple of turns were a bit boring as it was just a question of optimising actions (as there's no way to block city access and plants after step 2 and 3 respectively), but they went by quickly so it was not a real issue. In the end Gerald reached a power generation capacity of 21 before Carlos, which saved him a bit of money by not having to buy more plants. Finally, both players reached 21 cities and could power all of them. As the famous t-shirt says "Money is not everything, but it is a tie breaker in Power Grid", Carlos won by having 1 (one!) electro more!

Second, a supposedly-quick game of St Petersburg, which actually took more than an hour, saw Carlos apply his recent practice sessions on BSW and crush Gerald! Gerald started well but made a big mistake buying an expensive noble, which prevented him from buying any worker in the next round! Though points accumulated much quicker for Gerald, Carlos was able to amass a considerable fortune, thanks to many workers and the tax-man, and put that money to good use to catch up to and obliterate Gerald in the last round.

Re: Session report 3/09/2011

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:11 pm
by westgarthworldwide
Shame I couldn't be there but thanks for the report! I should be healthy, wealthy and wise (or at least healthy) by next week.