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Xia: Legends of a Drift System

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:58 am
by crikeythecat
Alright guys. After playing this game with my 2 kids it seemed to play much better than our first game at Dockers.
The downtime with 3 was a fair bit less, and my kids were determined to fight, so there was a lot more interaction and destruction.

Also, there were a couple of rules we didn't get right which definitely make the game better (and they had pretty much all helped Gavin :evil: ):
1) Whoever goes first chooses the ship last. So Gavin wouldn't have gone first with the ship suited to exploring.
2) Mining is a lot riskier than we played it. Its similar to the Nubula Harvesting. If Harvesting in a Nebula and you roll an 8, you lose 8 energy. Similarly if you are mining and you roll an 8, you take 8 damage. Pretty sure we were just playing that you take 1 damage as I remember Gavin failing the mining roll 3 or 4 times on the 1 turn (pretty sure he didn't roll a 1 each time)
3) Not 100% sure if we did this or not. I think Gavin was using his ships ability to add to the engine roll multiple times per turn. You can only use this once (for 1 engine roll) per turn.
4) There is only 1 fame point up for grabs for whoever traverses the gates first. You cant fly into one to collect a fame point, and then pretty much turn around and fly into the other to collect the other fame point.
5) The NPC Scoundrel was played completely wrong. A) it can never attack the Enforcer (the other NPC) - which means the two NPCs would not have distracted each other and B) as soon as it attacks it moves 8 spaces towards Loath (like a hit and run). Which means it never would have pounded quite so much on Dan early in the game [thus fundamentally changing/destroying Dans game]. It also hugely increases the chances that the NPCs would have been taking pot shots at all of us regulalry.

Also - in terms of fighting and our concerns over 'over powered' shields. Combining missiles into the attack can make a pretty big difference. Leading off with a missile attack (which use 1 higher dice level), and then moving in with blasters can really churn through a ships energy if they use shields.

So all in all - im pretty fired up for another game...but not with 5 people. I think 4 would be the sweet spot.

Re: Xia: Legends of a Drift System

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:09 am
by crikeythecat
Oh man - another rule wrong - this time it was me that got it wrong.

Yes you can only have 1 active mission at a time, but you can jettison (discard) your current/active mission at any point prior to drawing new mission cards.
Thus you can take a mission on spec, and if nothing improves just ditch it for a new choice.