The Hub - possible venue

Dockers meets in the NAB building at Melbourne Docklands every Thursday night.
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The Hub - possible venue

Post by wozzit » Thu May 09, 2013 1:14 pm

Creating another thread for consideration.

I spoke to Anita who runs this place today: ... lands.aspx
  • We could have a room for $10 an hour as a Docklands community group
    A room holding up to 15-18 is available on Thursday nights
    For the Thursday room I'd have to go down and set up some tables to make sure we can fit (i am ok with this)
    A larger room is available on Wednesday nights
    She has to get back to me to see the latest possible close time.
    Tea/coffee is included
What do people think about these options?

Personally I prefer it to the pub - less liquid flying around.

It would also retain the free parking in Docklands. It does seem that space-wise Wednesday night might be better - but I can go check.

Note: this would cost $50-60 a night - I think this is pretty reasonable - $5-6 a person. I prefer this to pressure to buy games or beer somewhere.

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