Final Results - Boardgames Championship

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Final Results - Boardgames Championship

Post by totalhomicide » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:07 am

Congratulations to Basil Punton (Canberra) for winning the Victorian Boardgames Championship.

We had 72 players, with a total of 53 scored games.
Many played 3 days; some played 1 or 2 days.
Visitors from NZ (2), UK (1), Sydney (6), Canberra (7), Adelaide (1).

32 of the players also participated in the Diplomacy event, playing between 1-4 games.

The most played boardgame was Powergird (x7), Endeavor (x4), Puerto Rico, Settlers, Battlestar Galactica, El Grande, Trans Europe. Diplomacy is included.
35 different boardgames were played.
For details of the TWISS system, see:

Although I didn't play, I had a good time conducting the tournament and watching the goings-on.

1st Basil Punton [$100 gift voucher]
2nd Gregory Calder [$50 gift voucher]
3rd Jason Whitby [$30 gift voucher]
4 Craig McBride
5 Shane Cubis
6 Graham Allen
7 Peter McAndrew
8 Andrew Conway
9 Phil O'Brien
10 Donald Shaw
11 Richard Neville
12 Kathy Best

Best Powergrid: Gregory Calder
2nd Andrew Conway
3rd Phil Melmoth

Rest of Field (not in order, not entirely complete):
Richard Hills, Kerrin Addis, Phil Melmoth, Ben Fealy, Ben Frayle, Jeff
Smith, Karen Babcock, Ryan Buszard, Scott Buszard, Pam Colman, Danny Cron,
Murray Ward, Frank La Terra, Shane Beck, Paul Daniels, Geoffrey Ngauma, Sol
Green, James Bounsall, Darren Shortt, Rob Shankly, Bill Jordan, Grant Steel,
Andrew Goff, Sean Colman, Guy Mischlewski, Rob Schone, Steve Mirams, Daniel Pavatich, Phil
O'Brien, Richard Weir, Campbell Peake, Andrew Poh, Yao-Ban Chan, Paul Shone,
Rob Hadley, Geoff Kerr, Erin Haberle, Rohan Flavelle, David Gloster, Carlos
Ramsey, Jorg Schmidt-Ebeling, Ben Smith, Alpha Mastrano, Campbell Peake, ...

Diplomacy: Daniel Pavatich
Congratulations to Daniel for winning the Diplomacy event and the First Prize to attend World DipCon 2010 in August. There were 32 players for Diplomacy.

1st Daniel Pavatich
2nd Andrew Goff
3rd Steve Lytton
Best Novice (Newcomer): Greg Breese

Thank you all for coming. I hope you had a great time as I did.

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