Saturday Evening Meal at ConVic 7

One of Melbourne's biggest and best gaming events; Normally held at Auburn Bowls Club twice a year.
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Saturday Evening Meal at ConVic 7

Post by Unhalfbricking » Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:05 am

Noi is preparing a Thai meal for Saturday evening at ConVic7 (18th-20th April). There will be spicy & non-spicy food. The cost will be $15 pre-booked (& paid for, please, if you are able when you see me) or $20 on the weekend. Go to my website to book your meal. If you pre-book, then she will have a beter idea of how much food to prepare. There are only 5 names on the list, so far.

The wargame will commence immediately after the meal is over.

All profits raised will be going to buy technology for the primary school in the village where she grew up. Please support this initiative. It saves having to walk out to the take-away for tea & maybe we can offer this fund-raising opportunity to others at later events.

Please bring your friends to ConVic. New-comers are particlarly invited to the Friday evening session, hosted by Cathie Moulton.


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