ConVic4 - July 7-9 2006 - Hawthorn E

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ConVic4 - July 7-9 2006 - Hawthorn E

Post by gerald » Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:37 pm

[On behalf of Julian]

I hope to get lots of people playing in Melbourne too now. I have decided that the theme will be to get totally new players to try the hobby. There will be a PRIZE for the gamer who brings the most newcomers & a SPECIAL PRIZE for the newcomer who plays the most games over the weekend.

We have a new venue; much more convenient for public transport, closer to the city, bigger, quieter AND it was where they filmed Crackerjack with Mick Molloy. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot bear the whole of the venue cost alone any more. I am having to charge $5 per person - this is a flat fee, whether you come to play one game or stay the whole weekend.

The venue will be Auburn Bowling Club, Munro St, Hawthorn E, Vic. A map, & all other details, can be found on my website

The snacks & tea/coffee which I have always provided in the past will also be available at $1 per cup + 2 bikkies until it breaks even, as usual. Noi is also thinking of providing non-spicy Thai food for a reasonable cost periodically throughout the day.

If ANYONE would like me to come & talk to a group (eg parents group, church group, book group etc) to promote games generally or this event, please contact me.

Please get your friends, colleagues & family, & bring them along to learn & enjoy Eurogames. Let's make this the BIG one!!


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