Star Wars Mini's Lets get Playing !!

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Star Wars Mini's Lets get Playing !!

Post by Salamada » Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:58 pm

Hey guys and gals.

Just recently have gotten into star wars minis and yes i realise im a few years behind . he he but me and my house mate have brought a fair amount and were looking for a some other people out there that are keen on playing some games / trading mini's on a weekly/ fornightly basis or even just some one off games.
Would be great to find some more players out there, Have spoken with some of the employees at mind games and they have suggested we can meet and play there friday nights or saturdays and use there tables. or we can meet at another location pending on your travel needs time requirements etc.

just would be sweet to get in touch with more players and touch base with whats going on in melbourne games wise and get some games happening.

Feel free to reply to this post or email me at

Look forward to seeing how things pan out.



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