PAXAus Saturday - All the Power Grid maps at once

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PAXAus Saturday - All the Power Grid maps at once

Post by Fraser » Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:46 pm

So here's the plan, on the afternoon of Saturday 1st November 2014 at PAXAus I am planning to set up an event which is to have all the official Power Grid maps in play at the same time in one place.

That is all 19 of the maps released for Power Grid, the two maps from Power Grid deluxe: Europe/North America and the one map from Funkenschlag.

I checked with 2F-Spiele and they haven't heard of anyone attempting this before, so I think we can safely say this will be a world first!

This will obviously require eighteen base sets of Power Grid, two of Power Grid deluxe: Europe/North America and one of Funkenschlag. It will also require two sets of each of the published expansions.

I will be providing a few base sets (even as a self confessed Power Grid completist I don't have 19 copies of the base game) plus one copy of each of the expansions, PAXAus will be providing a handful of base sets as well, but at the moment we are still well short of the 19 required.

If you are going to be at PAXAus and have a copy (or two) of Power Grid that you can bring along for us to use you can guarantee yourself a seat at one of the twenty-two tables by loaning a base set to the cause. It will only be used for the event itself and will not become part of the PAXAus library. Generally I would expect you to be playing at a table with your own base set, but if you have a preference for a particular map let me know what that is when you commit to bringing a base set and I can make a reservation if that map is free.

PAXAus Tabletop are setting aside the twenty-two required tables in the Tabletop event area to help this event occur.

If you are not going to be at PAXAus but have a copy that we can borrow for the event please let me know anyway, your set will have fame and you will probably get some geekgold , gratitude and/or a microbadge. Again any borrowed base sets (or expansions) will only be used for the event.

I know there's quite a lot of Power Grid players in Melbourne and that quite a few of you are intending to be at PAXAus, so let us get this ball rolling and work towards the 18 base sets and second set of expansions.

Of course we also need players, realistically anywhere from sixty-six to a maximum of one hundred and thirty-two.

Any BGG user who participates in this event will be awarded a special microbadge (that is yet to be designed). I will collect BGG userids on sign-up sheets at the event (or before with people committing to bring base sets and/or expansions).

If you have a set (or expansion map) that you can lend for the event, please contact me at PowerGridATmchargDOTnet (just so I can keep a central repository of important correspondence).

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