Aquileia rules questions/answers

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Aquileia rules questions/answers

Post by KonradwithaK » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:43 pm

Two questions came up while playing Aquileia at Dockers last Thursday (5/1), and we could not find the answers at the time. I've had time to recheck the rules more carefully since and found what we were looking for, so here it is:
Q1: Where in the rules does it say that the first player to put down their tiebreaker piece is the first player next round?
A1: In the 'Remark' on the last page, in the example of the Portus action: "When a turn is completed, the 'starting player' token goes to the player who is first on the tiebreaker track."
Comment: Since the Portus is the last action to resolve, I guess it made sense to say this in the 'end-ot-turn, start-new-turn' sequence, but it would have been easier to find in the Tiebreaker placement description on p3.

Q2: Can a player put a henchman (worker) on both the Latro and the Portus actions?
A2: "...a player IS allowed to have a henchman on one of [the Portus] action fields, AND a henchman on the Portus Latro. [my emphasis]".
Comment: This makes it possible for a player to steal their own coin, which they can then immediately reuse to pay for the Portus action. Also note, this statement follows the one that says "A player placing a henchman on one of these action fields [spots] is not allowed to place another henchman on one of the other action fields this round." I don't think anyone claimed more than one/round this time, but it's easy to miss the rule.


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Re: Aquileia rules questions/answers

Post by andrewp » Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:36 am

I like your user name! :D

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