Looking for an extremely rare horse racing game

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Looking for an extremely rare horse racing game

Post by Obscurus » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:40 pm

Hi to all melbournegamers members!

I've been looking for an old horse racing game from my childhood (20+ years ago) that I literally cannot find anywhere and was hoping someone here might be able to help! Please please please!

The name is a mystery, but I can go into great detail about it. I'm just hoping it wasn't someone's personal project that there's no other copy of, because it was an amazing game!

The Board: It was a laminated A3 sized (possibly even A2?) Green background with an inside and outside loop on the race track for different length races. It's very distinctive and bears a close resemblance to Totopoly, but with a lot more detail, colour and squares.

The squares themselves had all sorts of bonuses and penalties. Orange squares for "Use whip" (I'll explain later) Green squares for "Take a Punt"... there were "saddle slip" squares which sent you backwards one or two spaces, lane change arrows and the starting blocks and finishing lanes were staggered in lengths depending on which lane you were in ie Horses 1&2 had short starting lengths but long finishing lanes, 5&6 had long starts and short finishes.

The Cards: There were three sets of cards in the "deck". 6 grey cards with the 6 different races on them ranging from the Cox [Plate/cup?], Melbourne Cup and four other prestigious races I can't think of right now. Prize money for the places was listed on these. Then there were orange "Use Whip" cards. If you landed on a Use Whip square you could cash in the allocated whips to go forward the listed spaces. Take a punt cards were green I think, from memory you could spend $XXX to turn the card and win/lose your bet, to the factor of whatever the card listed I think...again I was about 8 so the detail escapes me on this one.

The Horses etc: There were 6 horses. All of the names escape me except Phar Lap who was the red horse figurine, he was number 6 from memory. There was also a Brown horse, Pink, Yellow, White and Grey. Even the dice were distinctive, one blue and one yellow, transparent plastic with white dot markers. (But coming from a house with many board games it's possible the dice aren't original to the game.)

I think that is essentially the whole game in a (rather large) nutshell. If anyone has played it, please contact me so I can look into tracking it down. I am from New Zealand so there's a chance it could be a local game and never made it off shore. I really hope someone can help me with this, I try every few years to find it to no avail... it was such an amazing game to spend hours playing on wet wintery days.

Thanks to all those that read this. If you know anyone who is into their horse racing games, please draw their attention to this as I would love any and all help.

Kind regards,

James Isiah

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