North/ North-East Suburbs 20th century wargamers?

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North/ North-East Suburbs 20th century wargamers?

Postby Dalt220 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:26 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone has any interest in hanging out once or twice a month in the north of Melbourne to do some ww1/ww2 wargaming goodness?

I'm looking at wargamers with 20mm collections who have a bit more of a simulation bent (so goodbye FOW), particularly anyone who has an interest in the Battlegroup Kursk ruleset, although I'd be open to Bolt Action, Crossfire, etc.

Additionally I intend to get into both naval (General Quarters 3 or Naval Thunder) and aerial wargaming (CY6, Blue Skies, etc) as well at some point so if anyone is open to those arenas that would be fantastic.

I realise there are wargaming groups in both the west and east of Melbourne (WSWA and NWA) but they're something of a pain to get to from Preston way and I'd ideally like something closer to home (such a shame the Greensborough group seems to have closed down). If anyone knows of wargaming groups up north please feel free to let me know, I'd be quite grateful!


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