Play boardgames for research!

Looking for a game in your area? Post games you are looking for, or games you are looking to include others in.
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Play boardgames for research!

Post by melissa » Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:41 pm

Please note: You do not need to be a Grand Master of Boardgames to participate. You are welcome to sign up with a friend. Currently recruiting for sessions in February & March; more later in the year (May onwards).


Play Boardgames for research

Participants are required for a study of the social aspects of boardgame play. Volunteers will be asked to attend one or more boardgame sessions on campus at The University of Melbourne, and participate in a brief focus group afterwards. Prior boardgaming experience not a requirement! Sessions will take no more than 2 hours, and snacks will be provided. HREC 1545726.1.

For more information, visit

To sign up, visit ... I/viewform

Enquiries: to me, please.

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