Looking for gamers (SE burbs)

Looking for a game in your area? Post games you are looking for, or games you are looking to include others in.
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Hangmans Noose
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Looking for gamers (SE burbs)

Post by Hangmans Noose » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:29 am

Hey all,

I'm looking for a few dedicated people to trek to to my place in Keysborough, VIC for some board games regularly on a Saturday late morning/early afternoon. I have one other person interested (my pseudo-brother-in-law) already, but I'd like at least one more person on a weekly basis for a minimum of three.

We play some fairly standard Euro and Euro-like games: Tzolk'in, Caverna/Agricola, Dungeon Lords, Through the Ages, etc; while mixing it up with standard fare like 7 Wonders, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Merchants and Marauders and very occasionally Twilight Imperium. I'm about to get my hands on the expansion for Evolution from a friend who went to Gencon.

We don't mind learning or teaching new games, so if you have any of your favourites that you'd like to play, you only have to ask and bring them along.

Reply or message me if you're interested.


PS. I've x-posted this at BGG and WAU.

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