Stranger Gamers Spotswood! - Next Session 11th May

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Stranger Gamers Spotswood! - Next Session 11th May

Post by BaronM » Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:20 pm

Hello MelbourneGamers, we return once more!
We didn't go anywhere, but we're back posting for your perusal!
We have changed location so that's the thing you are reading about this time!

Stranger Gamers! We're a social gaming group that meet every week on alternate Wednesdays/Thursdays at our new home, Spottiswoode Hotel in Spotswood!
Those of you whom may have heard of it may be thinking this is not only an unsuitable gaming location, but probably not a savoury one in any respect and not one you would want to enter without potentially getting punched in the face.
Once upon a time that was what it was.
NOW it's a family friendly vibrant pub full of friendly staff, tonnes of people and heaps of food and beverage options. Come along even if only to see for yourself.

We have a perfect spot opposite the bar itself near to the fireplace, which has been brilliant so far on a chilly night.
All participants get a $15 deal consisting of your choice of Fish n Chips or Parma with a pot. The servings are huge. Leave some space for a desert though, the cake slices are more than worth the trip!
It's perfect for any players out West of course, but as the Spottiswoode is located directly outside Spotswood Station it's perfect for anyone that doesn't mind a 20 minute train ride on the Williamstown line to meet a great bunch o' people to game with.
The number of participants vary on a weekly basis, with Wednesdays being a little more Euro heavy (and a bit more popular) and Thursday sessions generally being a bit more on the thematic side. There are no hard and fast rules as to what you can play (outside of say Magic or DnD), if you're ever in doubt or want to see our goings on, check out our Meetup and Facebook pages for all the news.
We meet at 6ish on any given evening and things tend to wrap up around 10 or so.

And, pray tell, What Is It You Do Exactly?
Preeeeetty much anything. There is a heavier leaning toward Euros, but it alters from week to week. As we have players from beginner gamers to seasoned train stock specialists, you're likely to find a game, or players for your game, in attendance.
We have a bigger focus on the socialisation that occurs via gaming more so than just sitting, playing and leaving. We make an effort to make players feel welcome and ensure that there are plenty of games running for those that don't provide their own games, especially as many people turn up for the first time alone. So come along and say hi!

Find us on as well as the much improved Stranger Gamers Facebook page for our scheduled events and weekly Spotlight game!
Plus you can look over previous events to find out what's been played, say hello and make requests, I think everyone likes being asked to bring games they love right?

Thank you for your reading time and we hope to see you there!
Michael and the fantastic people that make up Stranger Gamers.
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Re: Stranger Gamers Weekly

Post by crikeythecat » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:35 am

Awesome - have heard about this group and it sounds good, but Thursdays clash with Gamers@Dockers for me.

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Re: Stranger Gamers Weekly

Post by BaronM » Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:28 pm

Cheers Crikey!
We always run on opposing Wednesdays as well if you're ever able to make it you'd be most welcome.
Hope to catch you around sometime.

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Re: Stranger Gamers Spotswood! - Next Session 11th May

Post by BaronM » Sat May 07, 2016 7:24 pm


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