AFL Fantasy Dream Team Elite

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AFL Fantasy Dream Team Elite

Post by Unhalfbricking » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:34 pm


Once again this year I will be running a Dream Team league. Thanks to the boffins at AFL House, this year we have a fun variant to play with. We are using a drafting league.

Each AFL player can only be in one team. 15 players per team, 10 teams in the league. We play each other twice & then have finals for the top 8. Unlimited trades of available players, but the player you drop is available for other teams to pick up. Private trades also permitted, or you can put a player up & ask for trade offers.

Apparently a common US 'thing' is to have a pre-season draft party. We will do this, meeting at a bar with wi-fi around early-mid March (pre-season GF is on 15th). You will actually get to meet the other coaches, or most of them.

Email me privately if you want in. I am not advertising the league number this time because we want people who commit to this league seriously (though not necessarily competently!).

More details available at: AFL Fantasy Elite


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