Open Boardgaming at Arcanacon - Australia Day Weekenf

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Open Boardgaming at Arcanacon - Australia Day Weekenf

Post by ludo » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:27 am

Australia Day Weekend
Boardgame Venue
Open daily!

Arcanacon is a games convention held annually in Collingwood. We focus on roleplaying and Warhammer, but there is a room set aside for boardgames and cardgames. There are good-sized tables, plenty of chairs, and the room is reasonably quiet. The convention canteen will be open all day, and there will be BBQ lunch and dinner. There are no organised events scheduled, so it would be sensible to arrange games in advance and meet at the venue. Come and check it out!

Arcanacon is at Collingwood Secondary College: more-or-less directly across Hoddle St from the Collingwood Town Hall, (Melways 2C, G9).
There are buses along Hoddle St and Johnson St, and it is close to Collingwood Station. The best access by car is via McCutcheon St.

Opening Times
Open Boardgaming will be available-
1.00pm until 10.30pm Saturday
9.00am until 10.30pm Sunday and Monday
9.00am until 6.00pm Tuesday.
After hours the room will be locked. Participants are welcome to leave games in the room overnight, you may decide to leave games set-up to be resumed the next day: but Arcanacon takes no responsibility for games or other possessions which are left on site. We request that games are not left unattended for prolonged periods during the day, as the space might be needed by other players.

Sadly, until we find a sponsor, Arcanacon must charge a fee to cover our costs. Open Boardgaming is available for $6 per day, or free for anyone who is registered for 7 or more sessions at the convention.
We have tried to make this fee as low as possible, and are keen to hear your feedback. We think it's good value: 13 hours of access on Sunday or Monday, with food and amenities available on site!

More details available at

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