Mage Night - new gaming RPG-oriented gaming group

Backgammon, chess, bridge etc.
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Mage Night - new gaming RPG-oriented gaming group

Post by christianmoura » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:11 pm

The indefatigable Ben "Ginger-Cthulhu-Pommy" Turner is running another regular gaming group, at the same popular venue of Godzilla Games.

"Hosted upstairs at Izakaya Chuji, we have a private space with a dozen tables. Reasonably priced food and drink is available with table service, letting your group focus on the games.

We welcome both established groups looking for a central space to play, as well as new gamers looking to either play a one-shot game, or perhaps start a new campaign." ... 208005372/

First session was last week, with 4 separate groups, and an attendance of at least 20. Link above for more details.

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