Mü, Ameritrash zombie chick flicks & More

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Mü, Ameritrash zombie chick flicks & More

Post by christianmoura » Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:00 am

Short session reports of the games I played last night at Dockers:

Knightmare Chess = Playing as black, I responded to my opponent's Ruy Lopez opening with a Berlin Wall defence , until he came up with a novelty in move 4 forcing a me to sacrifice a night for a pawn, and swap queens. I leveled up my knight to a supermutant horse, he attacked my king by taking my rook on the 8th rank, I bribed his rook which defected to black, he zerg rushed his pawns with a human wave attack, but failed to see the turncoat rook mate in his first rank.

Cosmic Encounter #1 = Ryan's anime space lizards tentacle raped my Hacker, someone else won.

Cosmic Encounter #2 = Hidden Powers. Ryan's hordes of zombies would not die, until other players sold their soul to him. Undead with souls, as we know, reincarnate. Ryan did, as a dog, a faithful one to boot. He helped his allies, and everyone that wasn't me won.

Neuroshima Hex = Ryan was on my team, so he couldn't screw me over this time. Ian and Hayden cleared the board of our troops, and massed their own to overrun my HQ. I resorted to thermonuclear warfare, nuked the enemy army and we caught Ian in a crossfire to win.

Once upon a time = We played this ameritrash trick taking competitive RPG chick-flick card game twice. As we were being explained the rules, Hayden pulled out a massive combo that stunned everyone into silence and we let him walk away (from the table to play Antike) with the win.

Once upon a time #2 = Scenario began with a boy falling in love and setting out on a quest to find his girlfriend's parents and propose. He got lost, and fell into a well-trap set by a gang of highjacking thieves notorious for kidnapping royalty. Being a look a like for the resident prince, thieves cut off his finger and tried to extract a ransom from the king. King kicked the thieves out, and the now abandoned, homeless finger-less boy resorted to begging. He got his head chopped off somehow (glaring plot hole in the narrative here), and was resurrected as a zombie by a necromancer who took pity on him, gave him an engagement ring and told him to go back to his fiance. He did, but being a undead finger/headless zombie beggar boy failed to impress his sweetheart, who took the ring and ran away to a life of celibate shepherding.

= Took a while to get started as I struggled to convince the other 4 players that explaining the rules to this 5 player trick tacking game with open auctions, 5 suits, duplicate cards and two different trumps and three types of scoring would be pointless. Once we got over the hurdle of trying to understand how the game worked, we played a couple of rounds and everyone agreed that we should play again next week.

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