'The Jackals' report 22/8/11

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'The Jackals' report 22/8/11

Post by westgarthworldwide » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:19 pm

The Jackals gathered at Carlos's Salon for three games.

The first game played was Vinci - which was won by Ben (a first-time player). Carlos narrowly claimed second place from Gerald (third) by one point.

The second game played as 7 Wonders. Carlos won (Temple of Zeus), followed by Gerald (Gardens of Babylon) and then Ben (Pyramids).

The third and final game of the night was St. Petersburg (kindly loaned by Gin). Winner was Gerald, with Carlos coming second and Ben a very distant third (must remember not to spend all my money on buildings at the start next time).

Catering for the evening was dates, some prawn crackers (slightly incinerated by the microwave) and then some very nice green curry soup courtest of Carlos.
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