'The Jackals' report 8/8/11

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'The Jackals' report 8/8/11

Post by westgarthworldwide » Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:54 am

A diverse night at Castle Carlos tonight. First we had a four player game of Vikings won by Gin (a new player) with Ben second (also a new player). Gerald came third and Carlos fourth.

Secondly we played Alhambra (Gerald had to go home and shave so we only had three). Carlos beat Ben by 1 point :evil: with Gin coming third.

Finally we played a couple of games of Race for the Galaxy (basic) - which is becoming the traditional end of evening game. First game was won by Carlos by some huge margin, with Gin second and Ben third. Second game was won by Gin with Carlos coming second and Ben third.

Catering for the evening was potato crisps and raisins - also a tea-station was trialled so Carlos can concentrate on his turns and not have to keep running to the kitchen.
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