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HeroScape mini-tournament, Feb 20th

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:51 am
by Cat Attack Man
Four players, each controlling 500pt armies battled it out for four hours. Once the two maps were created, the players 'showed their hand' & the armies became known. Brett used a mixed variety of agents, a samurai longbow, some skeletal creatures (Marro) with the ace up his sleeve being Sgt Drake. Marty went with a themed army in the hope of bonding well. His first squad being dwarves and mohicans, second was mostly vampires and zombies. Phil, choosing from his small & recently acquired collection, backed himself with the powerful Deathwalker 9000, some agents and an elf bowman with the intent of using range to his advantage, while I stuck with an entire squad of samurai, both swordsmen and archers.

Brett defeated Marty in the first half of R1, with his Nagrubs causing early trouble and Krav Maga Agents eventually finishing off Marty's mohicans, after his dwarves wore most of the early onslaught. Phil charged into engagement with his ranged army, a move he may have regretted as they met an early demise at the hands of the counter attacking Tagawa Samurai. Phil's Deathwalker briefly changed the course of the mid-game with the turn of the day - an explosive ability killing three unit and severly wounding another. The damage was done early early however and Chris ran out the victor.

R2 saw Marty switch to his undead army, and take on Chris' samurai. The slow moving zombies were picked off by archers, and although vampires flew in and caused some early havoc, a lack of strength (in die rolls) meant the samurai captain, Kaemon Awa could hold the high ground and use it's advantage in a fairly one-sided victory. Brett and Phil's unchanged armies met on the bridge over the Proving Grounds. A crucial blow was struck early when Brett was able to remove DW9000 with a fortunate hit, and the inevitable victory followed soon after.

R3 saw Brett and Chris match up on Blind Hill. Plenty of strategic moving and counters followed until a single remaining samurai swordsman turned the tide, having fed his blood lust through slaying the Nagrubs. The counter attacking samurai again proving deadly in both defence and attack. Marty and Phil fought out what ended up being the closest match of the tournament. The final duel between one bad-ass robot against two nimble vampires. As luck would have it a 1-in-5 chance roll saw the eternally-hated Marcu switch alleigance briefly, and take out his own mother. With Sonya gone and the numbers evened, the stronger unit survived and Phil picked up his first win over a luckless Marty.

The final saw a re-match between Chris and Brett on a different map to their last battle. With both now fully aware of their opponents army and tactics, a cautious and even game followed. Brett was able to get his agents to the bridge early as the samurai were kept busy dealing with a Nagurb bottleneck. Sgt Drake attacked much earlier than previous in an effort to keep the high ground, but once again fell to the Tagawa swordsman. Interestingly a Kaemon Awa vs Kaemon Awa duel took place mid-game and when Brett's character prevailed the fortunes appeared to have changed again. While Chris' squad was down to just some grunt archers and their defensive flagbearer, they did occupy an advantageos position, and were able to finish the opposing captain and his fellow agent to take the win.

Most damaging characters over the course of the day appeared to be the Tagawa Samurai, the Deathwalker and both Kaemon Awas.

An enjoyable tournament and one we'll look to do again soon with the likelihood of some more recruits.

Re: HeroScape mini-tournament, Feb 20th

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:27 am
by MooseHead
A welcome and picturesque addition to EGF activities last Sunday. Keep up the good work.

Re: HeroScape mini-tournament, Feb 20th

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:24 pm
by Lucky
I downloaded a Heroscape spreadsheet off BGG that lists all the characters and their details. It then gives them a rating, mostly in the A+ to C- range. There are a few D’s and 2 F’s - Dealthwalker 7000 and your banner guy Hatamoto Taro. Don’t know the reason for the rating, his Heroic Defence Aura ability looked quite handy.


Re: HeroScape mini-tournament, Feb 20th

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:19 pm
by Cat Attack Man
I was talking to the others about that very same article Phil. I reckon Hatamoto Taro gets a raw rating too. When joined with other samurai, the counter attack power can be devastating.