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GMT wargames

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:16 pm
by rogersmith
Most unpunched/unplayed. Some box covers slightly bowed, but none are split. Rules may have been read/paged through. At this stage pickup/delivery Melbourne only. Meeple/Bunnycon and Bordercon also possibilities.

$120 The Great War in Europe Deluxe - unpunched, replacement countersheet, living rules

$65 The Napoleonic Wars - includes 2nd ed upgrade kit, counter tray

$50 SPQR, 2nd ed. (1994) - unpunched

$50 No Retreat! The Russian Front - unplayed, mounted board, 2nd ed cards, some counters punched, solo expansion from C3i,living rules, errata.

$45 Paths of Glory, 1st ed. - unpunched, back of one card marked from perished rubberband

$40 Battles of Waterloo - unpunched

$35 Wellington - unpunched