Reprint : Paperback

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Reprint : Paperback

Post by phantomwhale » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:32 pm


There is a reprint happening for Paperback, a successful kickstarter game from last year of deck-building and word-building; think Dominion meets Scrabble. Two games my wife likes, so I'm hoping for some gaming gold here, especially as I've also heard it went down very well with friends who have the original KS copy.

It's $44/copy for 1 (yeah, no), $32/copy for a 4-pack (and $28/copy for 12 !!!)

A good friend of mine, Simon, has already put together a 4-pack and is asking the designer about adding in extra copies. Otherwise I'm looking to start another 4-pack, with myself and the next three people who are interested. After that, we might even ask about teaming up on the 12-pack...

This is the original post on the Melbourne Crowdfunding Facebook group: ... 374514374/
(not a member ? You should sign up !)

Please let me know if you would be interested in a copy (at $32) - can deliver via most Melbourne gaming groups (and hopefully now known to many more people post-BorderCon !)

Link to the original Kickstarter: ... lding-game
Link to the current (funded) reprint pre-orders:


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