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For sale (RPG) - Castles and Crusades Player guides (5th ed)

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:19 pm
by phantomwhale
Apologies - it's an RPG item on a board gaming board - but can't seem to find the Melbourne RPG-ers board so here I am.

I've got a deal lined up to grab a few Castles and Crusades Player guides (5th / latest edition) for 30 USD each. These have been tough to find at a good price (shipping, as always, being the killer) so I'm keen to pick them up, but without knowing I can hand off a couple, it gets pretty expensive still, given I only want one players guide for myself (I play online, so not much use having extras).

Any interest ? Or anyone want to steer me to a better place to sell my non-boardgaming related merchandise !

Ben "don't cross the subcultures" Turner