The Australian Mid Year Maths Trade 2013

Trade and shop for games in Melbourne.
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The Australian Mid Year Maths Trade 2013

Post by MooseHead » Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:16 pm

Maths Trade now open for entries: ... trade-2013

What is a Maths Trade ? (See BGG Wiki - Aussie Maths Trade)


:smt071 Add items to the list by: 10pm Sunday 26 May 2013. EST (SYD/CBR) Australian Time

:smt071 Official item list posted by: 10pm Tuesday 28 May 2013. EST (SYD/CBR) Australian Time

:smt071 Want Lists Due By: 10pm Friday 31 May 2013. EST (SYD/CBR) Australian Time

:smt071 Want list submission via GeekMail to Friendless

:smt071 Official Results posted at Friendless discretion from: Sunday 2 June 2013

There really is no leeway for that, as people may need to get their games to a willing 'games mule' attending BorderCon.

Packing tips:
- Make sure the game contents are secure inside the game and won't shift around.
- Place the game in a plastic bag to prevent water damage (in the event it is left out in the rain).
- Make sure there's cushioning around all side of the game.
- Use a proper box. (Auspost "ToughBags" won't prevent crushing.)
- Make sure the box is properly taped up.
- Make sure the address is clear and won't get torn off.

:smt071 This trade is open to Australian BGGers only.

:smt071 This trade is open to board games, expansions, card games, game accessories, RPG, video games and the like. Please don't add anything else. If you intend to allow a game to be exchanged for cash (i.e. you're selling), please include the amount you will accept for it in the price. You may consider compare current market prices (ebay, BGG, local shop)

:smt071 In ALL cases, SENDER PAYS SHIPPING. Even if you're selling a game for cash, SENDER PAYS SHIPPING. Even to Perth or Townsville or Hobart. So, make sure you set your price high enough that you would be happy to pay shipping to anywhere else in Australia out of that money.

:smt071 Consider the Australian Post option of flat-rate box previously suggested. More details here.

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Re: The Australian Mid Year Maths Trade 2013

Post by Lucky » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:38 pm

I have games for Ozludo, wozzit and stompy, received from chicken_ramen, which I will deliver to Billabong/EGF for Rob and Dockers for Dan and stompy. Or you can pick them up from 420 Collins if you’re in a hurry.


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