Trains: Dominion meets a Winsome train game? Anyone?

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Trains: Dominion meets a Winsome train game? Anyone?

Post by shawn_low » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:39 pm

Just when you think you've played every deckbuilder out there, another one comes along.

This one is a Japanese version (it has English text too) where you use your deck to build transport connections etc. It was a cult hit at Essen, sold out and rumour is that it will be republished in English.

I have a friend in Japan who has access to a few copies at cost. No silly BGG markups but it's expensive.

Depending on how many people jump in, it will cost between $105-125 shipped. There's ALOT in the box (500+ cards, board,wooden tokens etc). There have already been two official print and play expansions and more to come.

If you're keen on quirky Japanese games, there's also some I can add to the order:

String Railway ( about AU$37 + shipping.
String Railway: Transport ( ... -transport) about AU$37 + shipping

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