Milsims 4 Day Sale

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Milsims 4 Day Sale

Post by ludo » Thu May 13, 2010 8:58 pm

Received this today:

Starts: Midnight Thursday 13/05/10
Ends: Midnight Monday 17/05/10

This is an IN SHOP and WEBSITE Sale. Any products we sell out of will be backordered if still available at these sale prices. (Except already discounted clearance stock) There will be delays in processing due to the volume of orders we will receive. We will not be accepting phone orders, and this is a first come first served sale for any item that can't be backordered. Please DO NOT ring to enquire if we have stock.

Here is what the discounts will be, and will be applied to the website this afternoon. All Website prices are the price with Discount already taken into account. Anything thats already on SPECIAL will NOT be discounted Further. We will NOT be applying ANY other discounts on top of the discounts below:

20% off Boardgames.
20% off All Family Games, Puzzles, Jigsaws, and Playing Cards.
10% off All Figure Cases & Trays. (Not Gamesworkshop)
15% off All Collectible Card Games. (Not Magic)
7.5% off All Magic the Gathering.
15% off All Computer Games.
15% off All Collectible Miniature Games.
20% off All Dice.
10% off All DVD's.
15% off All Magazines. (Not Subscriptions)
20% off All Miniatures, Rules & Terrain. (Not Games Workshop) (Of course, this goes without saying... -R)
10% off All Novels.
20% off All Osprey.
20% off All Roleplay.
20% off All Starfleet Battles.
25% off All Games Workshop miniatures.
25% off All Flames of War Products.

Cheers to all,

When the going gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro

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