Underpants Gnomes werewolf

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Underpants Gnomes werewolf

Post by melissa » Mon Oct 30, 2006 3:35 pm

Signups (copied from other game)

1. jttm80
2. redturtle
3. bsmith
4. annawid
5. TaleSpinner
6. Bakyo

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Rules for Underpants Gnomes

Post by melissa » Mon Oct 30, 2006 3:42 pm

This originally ran with 13 players so numbers are for that - it can run with anywhere from 9 up.

This is NOT a south park themed game, despite the fact that the underpants gnomes were a South Park invention. That is mostly because I don't really know the South Park mythos.

Children love school.

Well, they do when they go to Mrs Knickers school. They don't want to miss a single day, despite her weird habits which include undies inspections. (All pieces of clothing MUST be securely and legibly identified with the child's name - it's a rule). The only problem is, some new people have moved into town, and they have designs on all the underpants.

Team Evil
Underpants Gnomes (2 or 3, depending on player numbers) - the Underpants Gnomes have a very simple 3-stage plan:
Stage 1: Steal Underpants
Stage 2: ???
Stage 3: Profit!
The Underpants gnomes win when they have collected all the underpants in town - when they reach parity with the number of children, they can run very quickly to the homes of the remaining children and steal their underpants before the children can stop them. Goal is to reach parity with the children. (The Dobber counts towards the Underpants Gnomes total for parity). Underpants gnomes are allowed to PM or IM with each other, as long as a copy is sent to the moderator.

Dobber (1) - the dobber is a tattletale, who wants nothing more than to find the pervert who has been spying on other people's underpants. Each night, the dobber views one other player to see if they are the pervert (this role is like the sorceror in a regular ww game). The dobber does not know the identity of the underpants gnomes.

Copycat (0 or 1, depending on player numbers) - the copycat is a child who is easily led. If the Underpants Gnomes attempt to steal this child's underpants, the child will join them and become an underpants gnome. The copycat does not know the identity of the underpants gnomes. (but will be told if s/he becomes an underpants gnome). The copycat wins with the underpants gnomes. If the Pervert spies on the copycat before s/he has been 'activated', the Pervert will see a normal child.

The Copycat does not count towards gnome-child parity until s/he has been activated. This is because the wolves don't know the copycat's identity and there is still a chance of a mislynch. The Dobber, however, does. (don't ask me why).

Team Good
The Paranoid (1) (I thought about calling this role the Anal Retentive - it's like one hunter variant in regular games) - this child is a worrier. Specifically, she is worried that her underpants might be stolen. She sits up all night watching her underpants drawer to try to catch an underpants gnome. If the underpants gnomes try to steal from her, one of them will be discovered.

The pervert (1) This child has a bit of a problem. He likes to spy on other people's underpants drawers. Every night, he will sneak in and steal a peek. He will either see that the child is a regular child (only one person's underpants) or he will see an underpants collection that shows that the child is in fact an underpants gnome. (OK, this is the seer).

The Babysitter (1) Good babysitters check on children often - and this one is a VERY good babysitter. Each night, the babysitter advises which child s/he will babysit; that child is immune from having their underpants stolen that night. (Bodyguard)

The Hoarder (1) This child has a secret stash of 1 pair of underpants. They can be lynched like any other player, but they can still go to school after the gnomes steal their underpants. A second theft, though, and even the Hoarder is unable to keep attending school

The children - up to 5. The children just want nothing more than to get on with their lives and their schooling. Without having others see their underpants. Because, ewww.

Every NIGHT the children go to bed nice and early. During the night, the following things will happen:
1. The Pervert sneaks out to look in someone's underpants drawer
2. The Dobber goes hunting for the Pervert
3. The Pervert returns home
4. The Underpants Gnomes do their stuff
5. (if applicable) The Copycat (possibly) joins the Underpants Gnomes OR The Paranoid identifies an Underpants Gnome.
When you wake in the morning, if your underpants have been stolen, you can't go to school. And mum may give you a spanking too. You are eliminated from the game.

Every DAY the children go to school and talk about the Underpants Thefts. At the end of the day, they rush off to someone's house and inspect their underpants drawer. Being children, they are pretty messy, and they throw the underpants everywhere. If the person is a child, they are too embarassed to go back to school (and besides, they have to spend the rest of the game tidying their room). If the person is an Underpants Gnome, they will be taken to the child psychologist and never seen again. This is the lynch.

Game mechanics
Lynch time will be (ummm - TBA)

Night orders will be processed as quickly as possible. As the only role reveals are of underpants gnomes, there shouldn't be too much to think about. Night orders should always be in within one hour of the lynch deadline.

There are to be no PMs or IMs about the game except as explicitly allowed in the rules (ie between underpants gnomes). If you have questions, please PM me.

Ties for lynch will be broken by the first to lynch majority method.

Role reveals. Ummm, there will be no role reveals after a night elimination. I will tell you if the person you lynch (umm, I mean the person whose undies you inspect) is an underpants gnome.

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Post by TaleSpinner » Mon Oct 30, 2006 4:01 pm

No PMs, eh? Well at least that'll keep my Inbox from exploding ;)

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Post by jttm80 » Mon Oct 30, 2006 4:53 pm

I was taught not to wear red underwear with a white dress.

I still love those white dresses though...

:smt028 <--- this smiley, because its so fricking cool...

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Post by annawid » Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:55 pm

What if you don't wear undies?

Please don't steal my undies or I'll run and tell my daddy :smt022
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Post by bsmith » Wed Nov 01, 2006 10:16 pm

Come on people!! Join up!

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Post by melissa » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:08 am

Yeah - I really need another 3 to run this properly.


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